How to Work More Effectively with Global Teammates

The world continues to become more connected than ever. As it battles the adverse effects of the current Corona Virus, it is becoming increasingly important for teams to collaborate and work together virtually. Holding zoom meeting with sales teams managing towing services in Kettering, I got to learn that working virtually is now widely accepted as people embrace the realities of working at home.

As most of us start to work in global teams, we find ourselves running into common problems that hinder the smooth flow of work. Global teams can run through different countries, languages, cultures, and time zones, which brings a lot of opportunities and a fair number of challenges as well.

To ensure you can take advantage of opportunities virtual teams present, here are is what you need to do to promote effective collaboration.


Develop a global mindset

It is important to be open and ready for the differences that can arise between different countries and cultures. When you have this global awareness, it will help in building a stronger working relationship with your colleagues and help towards your success. You need to have an open mindset and avoid any forms of biases and prejudices associated with one region to another.


Be mindful of time zone

It is important to be thoughtful of the in-office times your colleagues have. You will be having different time zones and different holidays. Ensure the devices you use for your work has a world clock widget that displays multiple time zones concurrently. Use the team calendar to keep track of all public holidays across different regions. Schedule emails appropriately so that they can be sent at the right time.


Minimize cultural nuisances

Our day to day life, actions, and language is normally dictated by our social and cultural setting. There are some forms of language acceptable in a certain region yet totally unacceptable in another. When working with global teams, you need to use the professional, official, and universal language that is well accepted. When communicating, ensure your message and phrases are not ambiguous and have only one way of interpretation. Stick on universal times that would ensure everyone can be available for short meetings to discuss key issues, before [people can work on their respective time zones.


Pat attention to details

When you bring people from diverse backgrounds and cultures together, a lot of information must be shared to ensure everything flows accordingly. These people will also have different first names and surnames. Invest your time in learning how to spell and pronounce their names appropriately. On your communication, pay attention to all details to ensure instructions are well captured.


Promote virtual Meetings

Most of the communication around global teams will be non-verbal and it is important to ensure virtual meetings are made to be more visual. Tools such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts become increasingly important in ensuring the success of virtual meetings. Ensure there is increased collaboration by recognizing success and celebrating culture. Make time for face time and ensure you make other team members feel the sense of togetherness.